SCP Report - [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2310>>
Our newest “Research & Containment Deep-Space Installation” was lost during the war, enemies' attempts to take it over and use the collected data against the Allied Government forced our organization to move the installation away from the main Foundation’s Array.
10 days later the station cut all communications with the main base, not only did we lose contact with it but also its location. We tried searching on the area it was last known to be to no avail. We had lost the station… for lack of better words.
For us, this was an extremely dire situation since the station contains some of the most dangerous SCPs we have found across the known galaxy. In all of the centuries our organization has been active we have never lost an entire installation. There’s a huge risk of enemies finding the Installation or worse… of the SCPs escaping.
Our biggest concerns are SCP-[REDACTED] and SCP-[REDACTED], they fall under the classes of their own being Keter-Alpha & Keter-Beta, being more dangerous than anything we have ever found, the first one being the reason for the downfall of a planet’s entire civilization millennia ago and recently successfully killing SCP-682 within the station.
We need to find the Installation at all costs, a lot is at stake.
SCP Report - [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2330>>
After 20 years of extensive search we have finally detected signals of the station, it is located far into the outer rim of the galaxy, a place no one has ever been, not only was it surprising to find the station in such far away location but also the fact that It looks active and quite intact. After two decades we were honestly expecting the station to be in worse shape… raided, with structural damage or even destroyed.
We sent drones to investigate, losing signal with every single one of them the moment they entered the station.
Days later we sent a Special Operations Team to investigate, the most elite team there is. Their first report was that most of the structure seemed to be in good condition and all systems appeared to be working and online.
Their second report was that the station was eerily empty, no signs of life around, just random tracks of biologic material and sporadic structural damage, but nothing else.
Before their third report, upon leaving the first cluster, they were attacked by an unknown entity and we lost contact.
SCP Last report - [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2330>>
Given the circumstances, the government granted us permission to deploy one of their Experimental Classified Elite Soldiers to investigate, they are state-of-the-art troops developed in the last decade to overthrow militias and even small nations as a countermeasure of any new potential threat of war.
Despite our attempts to convince them to deploy a whole team, they refused explaining that they are still experimental and can be highly volatile when working together, they operate optimally on their own.
End Of Report>>
Your Codename from now on will be Talos and your mission is quite simple, get to the station’s control center by any means necessary, collect all the data from its database and “contain” the station (instructions will be given via better encrypted channels once you’re at the station).
This space station is HUGE, capable of housing all sorts of labs and facilities within it, the station’s labs are divided in 4 sectors, and each sector contains huge artificial landscapes on floating chunks of rock called “Nodes”, these nodes are grouped together by SCP’s dangerous nature, these groups are called “Clusters”, there are 2 clusters in each sector, and each sector containing 2 SCPs, the two most dangerous ones are safely located in the central Sector 5, buried within the station, safely isolated from everything and everyone.
Some of the nodes are off limits and are the containment location for an SCP, a place that has been prepared just for that SCP in both environment and structures to resemble its former habitat but being safely secured with all the necessary safety measures.
This station does NOT contain any SCP below Keter classification, this is the reason why everyone panicked when it went missing, so do not expect a walk in the park when you’re deployed, you may be a super solder but you will definitely die if you’re not careful enough, I trust you will know when to shoot your way through or run and hide.
There are 10 different SCPs contained in this facility, although that number seems low, these were handpicked as the most dangerous Keter and above classes to be found across the known galaxy, they are NOT to be taken lightly, some of them are less dangerous than others but they are all deadly and, if they were to escape, they might spread across the station.
If SCP-[REDACTED] and SCP-[REDACTED] have escaped then I feel sorry for you already, that’s all I can say.
This game is a SciFi/Horror First Person Shooter with a rather retro feel to its design and mechanics, heavily inspired by games from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the final version of the game will eventually contain 4 main game modes:
- Single Player Campaign
- Multiplayer
- Survival Mode
- Shoot ‘Em All
The initial soon-to-come release however, will just have Survival Mode with experimental, replaceable maps, one gun, and enemies that are part of SCP-[REDACTED]
Once multiplayer mode is released it’s going to have the following game modes:
- Free-For-All Shooter
- Capture the Flag
Potential Multiplayer Gametypes if multiplayer succeeds:
- King of the Hill
- Co-op Survival Mode
This project is pretty ambitious but possible with your constant feedback, remember this is a community game so feel free to share your ideas and opinions at all times.
The game is currently in Early Access Alpha Stage and, as mentioned and highlighted above, will be released only with Survival Mode, as I keep updating the game more content will be released and eventually more game modes will come out.
This game is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license
The concept of SCP is based on SCP Foundation wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
The SCPs depicted in this game are non-canon and therefore, not listed in the aforementioned wiki website, they are exclusive to this game only.
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter
SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter

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  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or above
  • Storage: 1200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
  • OS: OS X Lion 10.7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or similar
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or above
  • Storage: 1200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any