Looking for Heals



Relive the glory days of being the all-important healer in this single-player, action-adventure!
  • Intense, real-time action bringing a fresh take on the healer class.
  • Command a group of 4 warriors through the game's various levels.
  • Multiple classes to discover, each with unique abilities.
  • Feel the true struggles of being a healer, with narrative moments inspired by the stories of real doctors. From the satisfaction of saving a life, to the deep anxiety of a making a medical mistake. Know the real meaning of being a healer.
  • Elaborate boss fights designed after MMO raids.
  • Build and Manage your guild as you decide who joins and who has to leave. Choose wisely, as your warriors build friendships and rivalries with each other. Firing a friend can have consequences for those left behind to fight.
Looking for Heals
Looking for Heals
Looking for Heals
Looking for Heals
Looking for Heals

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