Become a Private Railway Train Captain
Together with Izumo Takumi, it composes the most splendid legend in the history of Kyo Railway. Depending on your wisdom and strategy, we can develop city stations, exploit and further process various resources to make high profits. Through your social status, raise funds to invest in the construction of railway in Kyo. Achieve your dream of "Set the railways all over the Kyo".

Free collocation of hundreds of locomotives and carriages
In this work, there will be nearly 100 kinds of locomotives (locomotives) and various functional carriages, including freight - steam heavy oil train, passenger - electric power train and passenger - Freight two - way - hybrid diesel train. There are dining cars that can sell local delicacies, crew cars that can rest for crew members, refrigerated carriages that specially provide quality preservation for freshness, and so on. More models can be combined through train factories in the game.

Experience the real pleasure of passenger and freight transportation
As a private railway conductor, you can choose to pick up different types of trains at various city stations. Each shift has its own requirements, some require more time, and some require you to have a longer endurance. Ultimately, when your social evaluation value is high, you can also undertake the highest level of "special train". In addition to passenger transport, you can also save money through freight transactions. After you have a certain financial foundation, you can consider investing in or opening factories in each big city station. In addition to resource-producing factories, manufacturing workshops can also be selected. When you have these industry supporting facilities, you can raise your freight trade to a higher level - monopoly!

Go all out to become a generation of "Land King"
In the plot mode, your real goal is to lay the railway in every corner of the country of Kyo. To achieve the protagonist Izumo Takumi's lofty ideal of "Set the railways all over the Kyo". When you have enough wealth and social evaluation value, you can try to develop and manufacture all kinds of "Land king-Class" trains, so that you have a stronger train lineup!
铁道物语:陆王(Railway Saga:Land King)
铁道物语:陆王(Railway Saga:Land King)
铁道物语:陆王(Railway Saga:Land King)
铁道物语:陆王(Railway Saga:Land King)
铁道物语:陆王(Railway Saga:Land King)

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