Croquet Pro 2

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Croquet Pro 2 Association Edition takes the gameplay of the original and adapts it to 6-wicket, association style rules.

Starting with a coin toss to determine the right of choice, two players each control two balls in a game of strategy and skill.

The objective of the game is to score 13 points with each ball by running 6 hoops forward and backwards then pegging out. The player can knock other balls and take roquet in order to position the best winning strategy.

A deadness board, scorecard, and diagram of the court can be viewed in the pause menu.

The game is played by selecting a move (i.e. strike the ball, switch balls, let balls lie and end turn) then selecting the court to position the mallet.

Releasing the press will fire the mallet from the indicated position with a power related to the distance from the ball. For the starting turns and when taking roquet, the balls is placed by selecting within the purple line or circle.

From the seasoned croquet player to the novice, Croquet Pro 2 is a unique and fun game unlike any other.
Croquet Pro 2
Croquet Pro 2
Croquet Pro 2
Croquet Pro 2
Croquet Pro 2

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Системные требования

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM