Organic Panic



Hardcoregamer - "...most certainly my game of the show" - (PAX East 2014)
Twinfinite - "Without a doubt my favorite indie title of PAX East 2014"
Entertainmentbuddha - "...the brilliance of Last Limb’s efforts truly shine."

Organic Panic

It's is a wild grown, char grilled, bash 'em up, physics action puzzler!
Play 1 to 4 magically enhanced organism's (not GMO's), and battle your way through a barrage of crazy full flavored levels, each is totally destructible (real world materials) and features completely reactive liquids.
Lava burns wooden homes down, melts cheddar chunks, and fries food fast. Ice shards crash to the ground, crushing everyone, melts (on contact with the lava) into water, water puts out fire, cools lava, and bad guys drown in water - The cycle of life continues...or not!
Organic Panic is a BIG Game The single player adventure mode propels you through over 100 mind twisting levels, across 12 beautiful hand painted and animating background environments, via 4 game modes all driven by a colorful comic story, along side this you can build your own - hellish physic based contraptions and environments in minutes (with the same tools we used), and watch other players squeal and squirm trying to survive your evil traps, then share them with friends, family, and bitter enemies, but beware they get to rate them and push 'em up or down the leaderboard.
Play local Co-op and Versus with friends - It's time draining addictive fun, where you have to work together to solve maddening puzzles, Versus mode is on the close horizon and promises a new dimension in game-play dynamics and tactics.
  • Instant access - Play Organic Panic right now - over 50 brain burping challenging levels to play right away....with lots more to come!
  • Completely dynamic physics engine - Based on the 'DAFT Engine' (Destructible And Fluid Technology) completely break everything, all elements have real world properties based on their material, wood burns, metal conducts electricity, ice melts into water (that your characters can swim in), rubber is bouncy but melts, Diamond is super tough, and if cherry is standing on it will blast through everything!
  • Groundbreaking liquid simulation - With this technology you can literally fill an entire level with completely reactive liquids, all flowing and effecting the level structures, lava will flow with more viscosity, burn wood and heat materials, water will put out fires but evaporate on contact with hot surfaces, and acid will melt through most materials except glass and diamond!
  • Local Co-op mode - Play Organic Panic with your friends (or enemies) right now - Use your combined brain power to help each other solve mad physics based puzzles and a good side heaping of action blast 'em up!
  • Build your own levels - Use the same tools we used to make all the levels, it's so simple to make your own mad physics action levels, draw shapes, boolean objects, drop in elements (guns, switches, mines etc) change materials (they have real world effects) add pickups and enemies then hop right in and play, watch as everything just works (well mostly works).
  • Controller Support- Organic Panic was designed around the Xbox controller, and full support is part of our road-map.
  • Steamworks- Full Steamworks integration, build your levels, share them with the Organic Panic Community, rate them and see them climb the leaderboard (hopefully!) - Organic Panic was designed and made with this in mind.
  • Comic Driven Story - The single player adventure mode is driven by a twisted comic book, with a hardcopy color comic telling the whole story being available soon.
  • 4x Unique players characters - Play as Kiwi, Carrot, Coconut or Cherry each with their own unique abilities, powers and special powers, learn each one, then work with them in combination. Each players has a completely different and unique abilities, which make for challenging gameplay and longevity.
  • Cool game modes - Play different game modes, Swapzy, Morphy, Choosy, Timerun. (Including Co-op and Vs (to come) learn them, play them, master them, then build your own levels with these different modes.

  • Over 100 Levels - The full game will contain over 100 crafted levels. Make your way through these challenging puzzlers, then check in with the community built levels for endless new action.
  • Versus Mode - Party Mode, play against your friends in a hectic tourney mode where each of our hero's vies to be the king of the hill, gain crystals and master each player to go up the ranks. This mode's gonna rock and we want your feedback to help make it as mad and fun as it can be!
  • 12 Beautiful environments - Play adventure mode across 12 beautifully hand painted background stages, then have access to build your levels with these stage backgrounds. We'll be adding the environments, together with unique soundtracks as soon as they're polished.
  • Finale - Play the final space level and take down baby cheese once and for all in this unique boss level!
  • Mac & Linux - Hold on, we're almost there! - Just a few bugs to hunt down.
  • User Levels - With the community building, rating and sharing levels, your going to have endless playtime with Organic Panic, lets see if the community builds better levels than we did!
  • Languages - Once we've finalize the text we'll be translating into all the major languages.
  • Full Controller Support - Organic Panic will release with full controller support - Play on your TV with Steam Big Picture for full effect!
  • Achievements and Leaderboards - Help us to set up the ranking system for the level building and sharing and the tourney game modes.
  • Trading Cards - We'll be building out the Trading Card system, collect them all. - “Organic Panic, a Puzzle Platformer with Elemental Veggies”

Author: Lee Cooper
“It wasn’t hard to conclude that Organic Panic is one of the smoothest, most enjoyable platformers in recent years. It’s smart, fun, and most certainly my game of the show.”
“Organic Panic also features a co-op mode which, without an ounce of exaggeration, is the most fun I had while at PAX East.”
“I encourage anyone even remotely interested to check it out, watch the trailers, stare at some levels and, once it releases this year, play the living crap out of it.” - ”Hands on ‘Organic Panic’”

Author: David Leavitt
“what makes Organic Panic stand apart from the crowd of other platformers is the physics engine.”
“With its funky characters, vibrantly colored stages, and some awesome devastation to reap, we’re looking forward to play Organic Panic for an extended period of time and you should too.” “Veggie, Veggie Good.”

Author: Raymond Porreca
“[The]premise of Organic Panic is enough to make the game instantly stand out, but the game’s actual art and gameplay mechanics are where the brilliance of Last Limb’s efforts truly shine.”
“By combining such interesting – and goofy – characters with the game’s emphasis on physics-based platforming, Organic Panic manages to stand out among the numerous other games shown at PAX.”
“Organic Panic has numerous features that set the game above the rest of the pack.”
“its robust physics system is simply mind blowing.”
“at its core, this is one seriously addicting game that will keep players coming back time and again.” “PAX East- Organic Panic Hands on Impressrions”

Author: Alex Castro
“the puzzles provide a satisfying challenge without being frustratingly difficult, creating both a fulfilling and enjoyable puzzle experience.”
“Organic Panic is one of the greatest examples of what indie games can offer to the industry.”

Meet The Crew

Coconut is in a foul mood
Kiwi is always making waves
Don't Mess with Cherry
All together Now!

Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
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Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic
Organic Panic

Дополнительная информация

Ограничение возраста Нет
Дата релиза May 14, 2014


Системные требования

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1 Ghtz Dual Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GT 120, AMD Radeon R5 230
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.3