3DMark 11

399 RUB


Test your PC's performance with 3DMark, the world's most popular gaming benchmark and graphics test. Featuring six stunning real-time graphics and physics tests, 3DMark 11 is the industry standard performance test for DirectX 11 graphics cards and gaming PCs.
Hundreds of press publications use 3DMark to test graphics cards, processors, gaming PCs, notebooks and laptops. Now you can too!
New PC?
Run 3DMark to test your system for stability and performance.
Looking for better performance?
Use 3DMark to measure the effect of tweaking settings or overclocking your system.
Planning an upgrade?
Compare 3DMark scores and see which components offer the best bang for your buck.
Notice: 3DMark 11 requires a DirectX 11 compatible video card, and Windows Vista or Windows 7. Use 3DMark Vantage for DirectX 10 systems.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, no technical knowhow needed.
  • Professional grade, industry standard benchmark from Futuremark, the test experts.
  • Includes four graphics tests, a physics test and a combined graphics and physics test.
  • Demo mode featuring an evocative soundtrack by Pedro Macedo Camacho.
Note: The 64 bit version of this software does not currently run in the Steam beta client.
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11
3DMark 11

Дополнительная информация

Ограничение возраста Нет
Сайт www.3dmark.com
Дата релиза 2 окт. 2012 г.




Системные требования

  • OS:Windows Vista
  • Processor:1.8GHz dual-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • Memory:1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 11 compatible
  • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space