Steam Community ID 76561198054891563
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:47312917
Новый Steam ID [U:1:94625835]
Тип аккаунта Открытый
VAC Бан Да
Запрет обмена Нет
Ограниченный аккаунт Нет
Местоположение Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
Настоящее имя Artyom
Участник с 20.12.2011
Общая информация /////////HOP3 Database File/////////Full Name: Artyom CORRUPTED WeskerNicknames: Arty,Bear Commander, 7.62, Reaper, Deaths Right Hand, Fifty fiveTitles: Spec Ops Operator, Special Agent, Colonel of HOP3s Troops, Lord, Elite Trooper, Duke, EOD OP, Sniper OP, Elite Pilot, Elite Tank OP, Trained Paratrooper, Mil Spec Weapon Collector, Counsil Member Medals: HOP3s Medal of Honor,Condecorated Service Medal, 60 Years in Service Medal, Elite Sharpshooter Badge, Self Sacrifice Medal, 1 Year service Ribbon, Rifle Efficiency Ribbon, SMG Efficiency Ribbon, Pistol Efficiency Ribbon, Earth Defender Medal, Sniper Rifle Efficiency Ribbon, Experimental Weapon Usage Ribbon, Explosive Efficiency Ribbon, Medal of Loss, Defender Medal, Mech Efficiency Ribbon, Close Combat Proficiency Medal, Combat Blade Usage Ribbon, Xenomorph Sweeper Medal, Anti Predator Medal, 1000 Years Service medal, Gene Enchancing Subject award, Covert Operator Award.Favorite Weapon: ASH12 12,7x55mm Service Rifle.Favorite Passtime: Firing RangeFavorite Vehicle: XM7 Combat MechFamily: REDACTEDTimes Shot: A LOTTime Spent on Pubs : VODKANationality: UKNOWNGoals: Hell If i Know/////////Document End////////////