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Общая информация STEAM_0:0:30032481 Cybergamer Profile [] DoTABUFF Profile []Quotesmozer: Nothing is impossible, Its just how to achieve itmozer: :)Cevius<()>: impossible? no. Potentially unfeasable? yesCevius<()>: thats why I havent eaten the moon yetmozer: 8/10 kekdDannu- I Dont got no crack pipe, I just use a Lightbulb......UmmmmJDM. Why you so pro: Do you ever sleep?0ne0fak1nd: No, whats this sleep you speak of?Hiongster: hiesc0e._.): Were you in the game with me before?Hiongster: yeah]esc0e._.): Oh yeah, aha im not too bad at ODesc0e._.): :PHiongster: ur pro