Nino Blue/Yasmina ™
Nino Blue/Yasmina ™

Steam Community ID 76561198019269366
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:29501819
Новый Steam ID [U:1:59003638]
Тип аккаунта Открытый
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Местоположение Buenos Aires, Argentina
Настоящее имя Mr President !
Участник с 02.01.2010
Общая информация I remember you was conflicted, mis-using your influence. Sometimes I did the same, abusing my power full of resentment, resentment that turned into a deep depression, found myself screaming in the hotel room. I didnt want to self destruct. The evils of Lucy was all around me. So I went running for answers. Untill I came home. But that didnt stop survivors guilt. Going back and forth trying to convince myself the stripes I earned. Or maybe how A-1 my foundation was. But while my loved ones were fighting a continuous war back in the city. I was entering a new one. A war that was based on a part tide and discrimination. Made me want to go back to the city and tell my homies what I learned. The word was respect. Just because you wore a different gang color than mines. Doesnt mean I cant respect you. Forgetting all the pain and hurt we caused each other in these streets. If I respect you, we can unifiy and stop the enemy from killing us :)