[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge
[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge

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Логин Gizmoandsmudge
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Местоположение United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Настоящее имя Gizmo
Участник с 01.09.2008
Общая информация єcмє т му яє The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.(FPtje) Atheos: I can code that(FPtje) Atheos: should I do it?[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: at no extra cost, id love you too <3(FPtje) Atheos: its included babes[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: <3[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: we have fuckloads of lines though(FPtje) Falco: how many[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: 250(FPtje) Falco: 250 shipments n shit?[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: yes(FPtje) Falco: fuck me[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: alright(FPtje) Falco: permaban yourself[G-S] Gizmoandsmudge: xDA song Atheos made for people editing darkrp core files: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/e3b04a7ea0/ [G-S] Website [www.gizmoandsmudge.co.uk] Live stream [www.twitch.tv] Youtube Account Chromium Networks(Closed) [www.chromiumnetworks.co.uk] Public Teamspeak 3 Server [ts3.gizmoandsmudge.co.uk]