xd goofster
xd goofster

Steam Community ID 76561198000659458
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:20196865
Новый Steam ID [U:1:40393730]
Логин RolltonOfficialPage
Тип аккаунта Открытый
VAC Бан Нет
Запрет обмена Нет
Ограниченный аккаунт Нет
Местоположение Saint Peter, Monserrat
Участник с 19.08.2008
Общая информация #Vilemees4Eurovision2016 "This is, literally, the best steam profile." - Chris Traeger Ryan started the fire It was always burning since the world was turningThere are no two words in the English language more harmful than "good job"."People keep asking if Im back and I havent really had an answer, but yeah, Im thinking Im back." - John WickUnbreakable They alive, damn it Its a miracle"Marry me" - Maeby FnkeWicked